Shanghai Dupu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an emerging technology company with R&D as its core. The company's research and development field involves front-end and back-end of the new energy industry, covering multiple segments such as control communications, battery energy storage and conductive charging. The company is committed to the promotion of global new energy electrification, focusing on the research and development of products in terms of flexibility, convenience, safety, reliability, and high efficiency. It aims at the innovation of products in urban applications, power grid reduction, and smart operations.
The flexible fast charging pile with energy storage jointly developed by Volkswagen Company will inject new power into the development of various new energy industries

First EV charger project of VW


ICS mainly focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of AFC. DU-POWER and VW are in the business of selling share which will boosts the global development of EV.
DU-POWER became the exclusive supplier of Volkswagen’s AFC products with its absolute leading technical strength as early as October 2018. In April 2020, DU-POWER and VW formed joint venture ICS.

Product + operation


  • 2017.03

    DU-Power Founded

  • 2017.08

    AFC Project Initiated

  • 2018.10月

    DU-Power was Appointed as Exclusive Supplier of AFC Product

  • 2019.02

    Joint Venture Agreement Signed between Du-Power and VW

  • 2020.04

    Joint Venture Company Registered